After undergoing a C-section or cesarean delivery, it’s normal to experience some soreness, pain, and bleeding. Top doctors recommend avoiding strenuous activities and getting an adequate amount of rest during this time. Below, the best gynecologist in Mukundapur has discussed some more recovery tips for new mothers post C-section delivery.

Tips for recovery after C-section delivery

  • Take good care of your body

During the initial weeks after your C-section delivery, avoid taking the stairs as much as you can. Keep all the things that you need close to you so that you do not have to get up often. Avoid lifting heavy objects and ask for help from your partner and other family members when needed.

As per the best gynecologist doctors in Mukundapur, it can take nearly eight weeks for you to get back to your usual routine. Ask your doctor when will be the right time to resume exercise and other activities. However, in the meantime, you can go on short walks as they will help the body to heal properly and prevent blood clots and constipation.

  • Prioritize nutrition

Good nutrition is as important after your C-section delivery as it was during your pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, you are your baby’s primary source of nutrition. Hence, eating a variety of enriched nutritional foods will enable you to keep your young one healthy while also helping your body regain strength. Additionally, drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself well-hydrated at all times.

  • Look after the incision

After your cesarean delivery, check your incision regularly. There might be some redness along with a small amount of blood or fluid during the first few days post the procedure. To help the scar heal, you must change your bandage once every day and often if it gets dirty or wet. Use a dry washcloth to clean your incision, along with mild soap and water. Avoid applying powder, lotion, and oil to the incision or the area surrounding it. In addition, wear loose clothing to avoid pressing against the scar area.

  • Get proper sleep

It can be difficult at first to adjust to your newborn’s sleep schedule. However, the old advice will be helpful in this regard- “Sleep when the baby sleeps”. Ask someone you trust to look after the baby when you fall asleep, as even mild sleep disruption can delay the healing of your wound.

Following these key tips by the top gynecologist in Mukundapur will enable you to enhance your healing journey. Moreover, taking good care of yourself during the initial phases of your postpartum will ensure that you have a smooth recovery.