What is a Color Doppler Study ?

A Color Doppler Study is an ultrasound test in which colors are superimposed on a blood vessel image that indicates the direction and speed of the blood flow in the vessel.

Why is a Color Doppler test done?

A Color Doppler test will be recommended for you because of the following reasons :

1. To examine the function of your heart

2. Check for blockages in your blood flow

3. Inspect the damage to blood vessels and problems in the structure of the heart

4. Examines the narrowing of blood vessels

5. Monitors the flow of blood

6. Determines the normal blood flow in an unborn baby and a pregnant woman.

Long Life Speciality Clinic offers a range of Color Doppler test procedures :

1. Abdominal

2. Carotid

3. Gravid Uterus

4. Renal

5. Single Limb Doppler (Arterial and Venous)

6. Dual Limb Doppler (Arterial and Venous)

Our instruction to patients for the Color Doppler Test :

1. Generally, no prior preparation is required

2. Patients must carry their prescriptions and any previous reports they may have on the day of the test.

3. Any other instructions necessary for the test will be provided when the appointment is booked.

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