What is Speech Therapy ?

Speech therapy is the diagnosis and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders. Speech therapists or speech language pathologists are trained personnel who provide screening, consultation, assessment, treatment, management and counselling for children and adults with speech disorders. perform this treatment.

Patients who get speech therapy notice improvements in their communication skills. Speech therapy is effective for treating speech impairments that might develop during childhood or occur due to brain injury or stroke.

Why is speech therapy done ?

Speech therapy is done to treat the following disorders.

1. Fluency disorders

2. Articulation disorders

3. Receptive disorders

4. Resonance disorders

5. Cognitive Communication Disorders

6. Expressive disorders

7. Dysarthria

8. Aphasia

What happens during speech therapy ?

There are many speech therapy exercises that help children and adults with speech, language and cognitive communication.

The therapy may also include retraining of swallowing function if an injury or medical condition such as Parkinson’s disease or oral cancer, has resulted in swallowing problems.

Speech therapy many involve :

1. Problem solving, memory, organisation and other activities geared at improving cognitive behaviour.

2. Breathing exercises to improve resonance

3. Exercise to strengthen oral muscle

4. Conversational tactics to improve social communication

Long Life Support

At the Long Life Speciality Clinic, we have specialised speech therapists, technicians and support staff who make sure that you benefit the most out of every therapy session.

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