Treatment Rooms

  • Dressings
  • Abscess
  • Stitches
  • Nebulisation
  • Copper T Insertion
  • Injection Services

At Long Life Speciality Clinic, the right treatment starts with the right tools. Our treatment room offers the best patient care and top medical facilities that every person deserves during those crucial times.

Why Are Treatment Rooms?

Treatment Rooms is the place in the clinic that has the right tools ready with the specialists and medical experts who ensure prompt and world-class treatment for their patients.
At Long Life Speciality Clinic, treatment rooms are a part of the clinic’s patient care unit. It comprises an extensive range of equipment and tools that are operated by expert doctors and technicians. Our most popular treatments in the clinic range include procedures such as removing sutures, draining a hematoma, dressing a wound, performing an examination and more.

What Services to Expect at Long Life Speciality Clinic’s Treatment Room?

Treatment procedures we offer include :

Dressings or Plasters : Got a severe wound or a broken bone? Dressing the right way will protect the injury, giving your body sufficient time to heal.

Abscess/Boil Drainage : A typical treatment protocol for certain skin disorders that result in pus-filled boils or abscesses that need to be lanced.

Stitches : Stitches wound is a pretty complex process. However, our knowledgeable technician can get the job done effortlessly, safely and with the least pain.

Nebulization : A treatment protocol that is implemented using a nebuliser, a drug delivery device that administers medication in the form of mist, which is inhaled into the lungs.

Ear Cleaning : Usually carried out for patients who are suffering from ear blockage, ear wax or liquid build-up.

Saline & Drip : Administered as a supporting treatment for patients who do not have enough fluids in their system to function properly.

Copper T Insertion : Treatment protocol that is carried out as a birth control procedure.

Injection Services : It includes medication that is directly injected into the body of a patient who requires medication.

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