What is Physiotherapy ?

Today’s sedentary lifestyles has given rise to numerous problems related to movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction, physical disorder, disability and others. Every year, more and more people are experiencing such conditions and require support from an experienced team of medical experts.

At the Long Life Specialty Clinic, we understand that injuries and illnesses can strike anyone at any time. Therefore, we are committed to supporting you and ensuring that you are well protected with effective, result-oriented physiotherapy treatment. Our clinic offers a holistic approach to healthcare that is led by dedicated practitioners who are working with people to help maximise their ability to function easily and move.

Why is physiotherapy done ?

Physiotherapists use their skills and knowledge to improve different health conditions that include problems affecting the following:

1. Bones, Joints and Soft Tissues : This consists of conditions like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and sports injuries.

2. Lungs and Breathing : This includes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD and cystic fibrosis.

3. Brain or Nervous System : Some people have movement problems that result from a stroke, multiple sclerosis or MS, and Parkinson’s disease.

4. Heart and Circulation : This includes rehabilitation after a heart attack.

What Long Life Offers?

To help you deal with the discomfort, we provide you with physiotherapy treatments that are aimed at:

Rehabilitation : It helps in the rehabilitation after recovering from injuries and the effects of diseases and disabilities with the help of therapeutic exercise programs.

Prevention : It can prevent you from any disease, disability or injury.

Promotion : It helps promote physical activity, optimal mobility and the overall health and wellness of a patient.

Management : It helps manage chronic and acute conditions that limit body activity or restrict participation.

There are many more benefits of physiotherapy treatment. Our Physiotherapy Centre understands your problems and offers you the support you need. From examination to treatment, advice and instructions, we provide you with the best there is in the field. Our physiotherapists aim to help people affected by illness, injury or disability using physical agents that include exercise, manual therapy, mechanical and electrotherapy, manipulation, mobilisation, and much more. They also help to maintain the health of people of all ages and assist them in preventing diseases and managing pain. With branches all across the country, you can be assured that the Long Life Specialty Clinic, the top Physiotherapy Centre, will always be there to help you.

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