GI problems or digestive disorders are the main cause of sudden and unexplained weight loss. If you experience persistent abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating alongside weight loss, there might be a great chance that you have an underlying digestive disorder. Learn what kind of GI problems cause unexplained weight loss from the best gastroenterologist doctor in Mukundapur.

Weight loss causes: Explained by GI surgeon

  1. Crohn’s Disease: According to a doctor of the best gastroenterologist clinic in Mukundapur, Crohn’s Disease, or Inflammatory Bowel Disorder, causes inflammation in the lining of your digestive tract. This can result in severe diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue, and sudden weight loss. 

When the intestine becomes inflamed, it causes malabsorption of nutrients, causing rapid weight loss. In addition, the disease also contributes to a loss of appetite.

  1. Diabetes: Diabetes refers to a chronic condition that affects your body’s way of processing sugar. It happens when the body does not produce a sufficient amount of insulin or is unable to properly utilize the insulin. 

The condition causes increased urination, resulting in the body losing electrolytes and fluids. Moreover, it causes an increase in energy expenditure, causing weight loss.

  1. Hyperthyroidism: Overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism is a digestive problem in which the thyroid gland produces excess amounts of thyroxine. If left untreated, it can cause certain health complications.

Hyperthyroidism causes weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic activity, which causes it to burn a lot of calories.

  1. Peptic ulcers: These ulcers cause sores in your esophagus, stomach lining, or small intestine. This occurs due to a bacterial infection known as H. pylori or Helicobacter pylori. 

People who suffer from this condition experience loss of appetite. At times, peptic ulcers can also result in the blockage and obstruction of the food passage in your digestive tract. This might cause vomiting, which will further result in weight loss.

  1. Celiac Disease: It refers to an auto-immune disorder that causes intolerance of the gluten found in rye, wheat, and barley, causing digestive difficulties. This causes malabsorption of nutrients and decreased appetite, leading to a reduction in body weight. 

When to consult a GI doctor?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that have been listed above, you must reach out to the best gastroenterologist doctor in Mukundapur. They will enquire for how long you have been experiencing these symptoms. After a thorough physical examination, they will conduct some tests to determine the underlying cause of weight loss and provide the most effective treatment.