Bone pain vs. Muscle pain: How to differentiate?

The two common types of discomfort that people complain about in their day-to-day lives are bone pain and muscle pain. Though both can affect one’s well-being, it’s important to understand the differences between the two. The best orthopedic doctors in Mukundapur have shared their insights on the same.

Bone Pain

It refers to a deep, dull ache that is localized to a specified area of the body. It can happen due to various reasons like trauma, injury, infection or underlying conditions like bone cancer or osteoporosis. Unlike muscle pain, bone pain does not resolve easily with relaxation and rest but may worsen with movement or at night.

Bone pain manifests itself as a constant pressure or throbbing that does not subside easily. Moreover, it might be accompanied with other symptoms like tenderness, swelling or limited range of motion in the affected area.

As per the best orthopedic surgeon in Mukundapur, it is important to consider the nature of discomfort and its location. Bone pain tends to be more localized whereas muscle pain might be more widespread. Moreover, bone pain is more severe and gets pressured by weight-bearing activities. 

Muscle Pain

This pain arises from the muscle and surrounding soft tissues. It can be caused by strain, overuse, injury to the strained muscles and other medical conditions like fibromyalgia. The pain might feel like soreness, aching and stiffness of the affected muscles.

With the application of cold or heat therapy along with prescribed medications like ibuprofen, muscle pain may improve. Muscle pain may also get better with gentle activity and movement.

When to seek medical attention

While muscle pain and bone pain can often be managed with care, it’s important to reach out to a doctor in case the pain persists or worsens over time. Severe or persistent bone pain can indicate potential issues like arthritis or osteoporosis, which require prompt diagnosis and treatment by a doctor.

But, if muscle pain is accompanied by swelling, redness or loss of function in the affected area, it might be a sign of infection or severe injury. In these cases, doctors recommend seeking thorough evaluation and treatment.

By paying attention to the location, nature of discomfort and the accompanying symptoms of discomfort, you can differentiate between your muscle and bone pain and seek proper intervention from the best orthopedic doctors in Mukundapur.